Baccarat boutique in Paris

Maison Baccarat in Paris

The Maison Baccarat opened its doors in Paris in 2003, in the exceptional location of the former mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles.

Baccarat bar

Keeping intact the memory of the sumptuous festivities held by the famous muse and sponsor of artists of her time, this address perpetuates its legend. From the boutique on the ground floor accommodating all the collections, to the Cristal Room restaurant managed by the Ludéric group, Baccarat's Parisian showcase magnifies, in the museum setting,the very essence of its exceptional pieces.

Baccarat chandelier at Maison Baccarat in Moscow

A short walk from Red Square, in a former dispensary built in the 18th century, this opus signed Philippe Starck stages the Baccarat art of living in a poetic, Surrealist setting. On the ground, floor, it hosts a boutique containing an array of Baccarat collections. Dominated on the first floor by an unprecedented tentacular chandelier, the Cristal Room restaurant welcomes the cream of Moscow society.

front of Maison Baccarat in Seoul

The view from the roof-terrace is spectacular. Of modern inspiration, the interior evokes the refinement of a Korean home. The Maison Baccarat presents an amazing selection of crystal pieces together with the largest collection of Baccarat chandeliers in Asia. In the bar, clients can enjoy a coffee or tea during the day, and cocktails in the evening.

Baccarat pieces at Maison Baccarat's boutique in Seoul

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